The How To Tutor 3 R's Teaching Series:

You use it to teach all three R's - Reading Writing and Arithmetic.

How to Tutor
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How to Tutor
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"An excellent book on how to tutor children at home, and thus to prevent educational disaster before it occurs.... This book should be of value to all parents."

-Edith Myers, The Wanderer

This book is a detailed guide for tutors to follow in teaching children the Three R's"

- Melvin Barger, The Freeman


"...the reasoned explanation of why you should follow classic methods of instruction sets How To Tutor apart. Not a bad price for learning how to teach your child the three R's from preschool through grade 6." A 5 Heart rating!

-Mary Pride, Practical Homeschooling, Fall 1993

New item to help you use the Cursive Handwriting & Arithmetic sections of your How To Tutor textbook:

How To Tutor Cursive & Arithmetic
CD ROM Video
Video of Samuel L. Blumenfeld filmed at a parent/Homeschooling workshop in the Detroit, Michigan area. Sam takes the parent/teacher through the Arithmetic Section of His highly acclaimed How To Tutor instruction book. And Sam reviews the basics of teaching your student cursive handwriting. He gives you all the little extra nuances you can use to teach cursive handwriting & arithmetic easily and effectively. As a bonus Sam has Barbara Simkus, his longtime colleague and Detroit area Professional Tutor, give a brief overview of teaching the LEFT-HANDED student cursive handwriting.

75 minute CD ROM. $7.00
ISBN: 9780941995283

Note: Sam also has a video workshop explaining teaching the phonics reading section of his How To Tutor book. It is contained in the video: Alpha-Phonics 128 Lesson Video CD. He did ONE video on teaching phonics reading since the contents of Alpha-Phonics and the reading section of How To Tutor are almost identical. ISBN for the Alpha-Phonics 128 Lesson Video CD: 9780941995238 (You can see excerpts of this video on our website. Go to Home Page, click Product Videos and select videos # 9 & #10.

In How To Tutor Blumenfeld provides parents and teachers with a complete instructional program: step-by-step lesson plans in the three R's.
Used by tens of thousands for 26 years!

READING: Today's biggest problem. This instruction program restores order and common sense, shows how to avoid confusion prevailing in our schools.
117 Lessons.
WRITING: The skill most neglected in our schools today. Cursive writing is one and of the indispensable tools of literacy It should be taught to every child thoroughly and systematically from grade one onward.
73 Lessons.
ARITHMETIC: In teaching arithmetic, it is important to convey the genius of the system itself Next to the alphabet, it is the greatest mental tool ever devised by man. Therefore we should approach the subject with the excitement and interest it deserves. Any teacher who makes arithmetic dull does so because he does not understand its beautiful simplicity, its logic, and its facility which permits us to do so much with so little.
67 Lessons.

Anyone can use these lesson plans: tutors, parents, teachers. The plans work well even in teaching adult illiterates. How To Tutor Is the key to helping your own children. With How To Tutor you can make a mighty contribution to rebuilding our society.

To help you teach with the How To Tutor book:

Extra Large Size Type Student Lesson Book

to Accompany How To Tutor text book.

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And there's much more:
All these great additional helps are available.......
Pronunciation Audio CDRom
HTT Extra Large Type Student Lesson Book
Phonics Workbook
Companion Reader Set
Cursive Writing Practice Workbook
2 Arithmetic Workbooks
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Here are the optional helpers to go along with your How To Tutor:

How to Tutor Reading Pronunciation Audio Tape - 60 minutes: Reproduces the sounds of the letters, words, you are introducing to the student You can listen in advance so you can be sure you are teaching the sounds properly. While not everybody needs the audio tape, many will find it invaluable. The teacher who is not quite sure of the sounds will find it very helpful. Also, the person learning English reading as a second language will find it a lifesaver. This is a postpaid price: $5.00


HTT Extra Large Type Student Lesson Book

To Accompany How To Tutor Blumenfeld's Celebrated Phonics Reading Program

  This Large Type Student Lesson Book, when used with the How To Tutor textbook, shows the parent/teacher how to teach the child phonics reading in a very simple way.









The New Student
Lesson Book:


Shown: Lesson 1, 2 & 3 of Student
Lesson Book in extra large
type. Makes it easy for student
to follow and learn.

Spiral bound for easy use

Now the student can have his/her own Lesson Book to open flat before him/her to easily follow the lesson being taught. At the same time the teacher has both instruction and Student Lesson in front of her to facilitate teaching the student. Student having own Lesson Book overcomes the problem of teacher "looking over his shoulder" which can make the student uncomfortable. 175 pages Price: $24.95

Alpha-Phonics / How To Tutor phonics workbook: Fills the need for exercises to reinforce what How To Tutor reading students are learning. In addition to writing words and sentences children seem to need more exercises to cement the studies, so practice sheets in the Companion Workbook supplement their work 47 pages. Includes 17 most used spelling rules; 9 most common syllabication rules. $19.95....

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You use this workbook with either
the Alpha-Phonics or the
How To Tutor textbooks

sample 1 sample 2 sample 3


Alpha-Phonics / How To Tutor Little Companion Readers: Set of TEN little readers, each with its own story.
Vocabulary is controlled to coincide with the area of the manual you are teaching. You start with the Short A Vowel Reader, then the Short E Vowel Reader, and so on. Children love them: "oh, Mommy, I have my own readers now!" $24.95

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Short Vowels
a, e, i, o, u

short a
sample 1 sample 2

short e
sample 1 sample 2

short i
sample 1 sample 2

short o
sample 1 sample 2

short u
sample 1 sample 2

Short Vowel

Through Lesson 35
sample 1 sample 2

Through Lesson 42
sample 1 sample 2

Through Lesson 49
sample 1 sample 2

Through Lesson 57
sample 1 sample 2

Through Lesson 71
sample 1 sample 2

You use these readers with either the Alpha-Phonics or the How To Tutor textbooks


How To Tutor cursive handwriting workbook Another optional but very helpful
workbook while teaching cursive handwriting. Its pages show the sample to be practiced and provides lots of extra space to practice writing them out. It's nice to have such a workbook to turn to get started with the exercises the child needs to perfect his/her handwriting. 40 pages. $14.95

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You use this workbook with the
How To Tutor textbook

sample 1 sample 2 sample 3

How To Tutor Arithmetic Workbooks: You don't have to write lessons by hand. There are 3 pages for each exercise. One to explain to student, second to work with student prompting with answers; third page for the student to work alone. Click on thumbnail to right for more.
1.Addition, Subtraction Workbook (89 pages): $24.95
2.Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimal Workbook (110 pages): $24.95

You use this workbook with the How To Tutor textbook

Alpha-Phonics compared to How To Tutor:

  • How To Tutor (HTT) was written first, in 1972.
  • Alpha-Phonics (Alpha) came in 1983.
The reading portion of HTT and Alpha are virtually identical as to content (Do not be concerned that the number of lessons is different; HTT actually has 9 more phonics lessons because some lessons are broken down into part "a," part "b," part "c," etc.).
The MAIN difference between the reading portions
of the two books is in format.
  • Using HTT requires the teacher to copy material out of the book for the student.
  • Alpha allows the child to read his lessons directly from the book.

HTT is a 5 X 8 size page. The instructions for parent and material for the student are interspersed and in standard size type.
Alpha is a large size page, 8 1/2 X 11. The instructions for parent are separated and in the back half of the book in standard size book type.
The material for the student is separated, in the front half of the book, and are in extra large size type.
There are some other slight differences between the reading portion of HTT and Alpha, but they are not significant.
Some people who want the most convenient way of teaching phonics reading, and be able to teach arithmetic and cursive handwriting, buy both books.


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Includes Samuel Blumenfeld and Alpha-Phonics.