How Mom Bloggers Helped Create Influencer Marketing: The evolution of a community

A need for an open and honest community is what initially drove mommy bloggers to seek each other out.

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Created to easily teach children to be able to read the WORD

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Homeschool Geography: How Many Countries Have “STAN” in their names?

Earth's nameNow is the time here to come to the aid of

In the name of various nations we see “STAN”


What does stan mean in the language of these countries?

Answer:  stan is a suffix that means “country.”  It is an ancient Persian or Farsi word for country.

This much information should give the student a hint as to the names of several so-named countries right off the bat.  But what are all of them?


  1. AFGHANISTAN                   Suggested task for your Homeschool students:
  2. KAZAKHSTAN                     Determine the following:
  3. KYRGYZSTAN                       A. Pronunciation
  4. PAKISTAN                             B. Find the location
  5. TAJIKISTAN                           C. Size
  6. TURKMENISTAN                D. Population
  7. UZBEKISTAN                        E. Important product                                                                                                                        F. An unique fact about each nation

This is the flag of one of

Alpha-Phonics the Book on Flash Dr.  A full reading program smaller than a STAMP

the “STAN’S” 

Which one is it?

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HOMESCHOOL LESSON: The Serengeti: Amazing Ecosystem

                                       THE SERENGETI: 


Serengeti: Home of the largest terrestrial migration in the world, which secures it as one of The Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, and one of the ten natural travel wonders of the world.   The “Wonder” is both a PLACE and an EVENT.

It’s name sounds as if it were a place maybe in Italy.  But it is probably one of the most amazing places on earth.  It is in Tanzania, which is in central eastern Africa.  The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is the namesake area of some 12,000 square miles set aside as a preserve for one of the world’s most interesting annual natural occurrences: The Great Migration of millions of animals.

It is renowned as home to 70 large mammal and 500 bird species, huge populations of  Blue wildbeests *, gazelles, zebras, kopjes, grasslands, woodlands.

Serengeti is derived from the Maasai language, Maa: specifically, “Serengit” meaning “Endless Plains.”

               THE GREAT MIGRATION

Each year the circular great wildbeest migration begins and loops in a clockwise direction.  The great migration is a natural phenomenon  determined by the availability of grazing. It begins in January when calving season begins.    This is the rainy season when there is abundant rain-ripened grass for the 260,000 zebra and 1.700,000 wildbeests, 470,000 gazelles and hundreds of thousands of other plains game.  As the rains end in May the herds move northwest to the Grumeti River and remain until June.  They arrive in Kenya the end of  August where they stay for the dry season.  The migration then moves south in November and returns to the beginning of the loop in December only to start over again in January. Wildbeest is the correct spelling.  It is a large antelope-like creature.

To appreciate the magnitude of the migration think of a city of at least 3,000,000 (Think: Chicago) moving inside a 12,00 square mile complete circle every year!



R. Scene of



Migration                                         Migrating Wildbeests

One of the OTHER “wonders of the world” is

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Most people believe it is the Shamrock






Did you know St. Paddy is rumored to have learned to read on


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The Blumenfeld Oral Reading Assessment Test.

YOU CAN TEST A PERSON (ANY AGE) EASILY, QUICKLY,                                                                         ACCURATELY AND INEXPENSIVELY



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  • Private (In home)             *  Easy to use           * Inexpensive
  • Use 5 times                        *   Before Test          * After (Remediation) Test                        Watch 100 second Video to see how it works; how very easy it is to use.  Anyone can  administer the test.  You do not have to be a teacher or be licensed to use it.


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The Blumenfeld Oral Reading Assessment

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These ugly tiny things live on you, even on the nose on your face….all the time!

          MITES!     MITES!     MITES!

Science Lesson for today:

MITES    Take a look  at this handsome beastie:

You can’t get rid of them.  They are everywhere: clothes, furniture, your body. But not to worry.  They are not the boogeyman.  Some even have redeeming benefits.  But , boy oh man, are they UGLY.  They all have that out of a scifi horror movie look.

The good thing about MITES is that they are microscopic; you can not see them with the naked eye.  So, that way, you won’t scare yourself every time you look in the mirror.  They generally do not cause you harm.  Although one infamous type is the Dust Mite which does cause a lot of people big trouble.  You know, runny nose, sneezing, coughing and more. They like to live on us. They eat dry skin but pretty much stay out of our way.

About the only way to get rid of them is cleanliness:  washing hands, face, clothes, vacuuming, etc.  But, they manage to come back very quickly.  So I guess the best policy is to try to forget they are always with you.

The “lifestyle” of one variety is most intriguing:  It eats but cannot expel its waste.  So it continues to eat until it EXPLODES.  Then its life is over!

Here are some other Mite-y  Cuties:




















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Legislation proposed by Hawaii Democrat State Senator Kaialii Kahele (SB 82323) was killed  in February following a large negative response by many citizens and groups.  The legislation suggested “that parents by nature were suspicious.”  Under the bill parents would have been subjected to intrusive state screening before being “allowed”  to remove their children from government schools.  The Senator described public schools as a “layer of protection.”

But in the real world data shows children are far more likely to be abused in government schools than by their parents at home. A recent report mandated by the US Congress indicates as many as 4.5 million students, out of 50 million total students are subjected to sexual misconduct by a school employee between kindergarten and 12th grade.  A U.S. Department of Education study from 2002 estimated six to ten percent of all government school students will be abused at school.

Dr. Brian Ray, head of the National Home Education Research Institute says “available evidence shows  that homeschooled children are abused at a lower rate than those in the general public, and no evidence shows that the home educated are at any higher risk of abuse.”   One estimate cited in the testimony against the Hawaii bill said homeschool children have  40 percent fewer abuse fatalities than the national average

All this, of course, leaves out the fact that students in public school are also at risk of not being well educated at all.

The people of Hawaii are to becongratulated for their effort to protect the right of parents to be in charge of the welfare AND the education of their own children.

Source: New American Magazine, February 8, 2018

A tip of the Hat to our friend David Ryan for bringing this important story to our attention.

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The Alpha-Phonics Blog has much information about schooling and Homeschooling.

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Andrew Carnegie, a father of the free public library concept, disdained inherited wealth.

Carnegie wrote in his 1899 essay: “The Gospel of Wealth”:

He wrote: “Of all forms of taxation this seems the wisest.  By taxing estates heavily at death the State marks its condemnation of the selfish millionaire’s unworthy life” *

Well, well!  That was a bit tough, wasn’t it?

But Carnegie did put his money where his mouth went.  It is estimated he gave away about 90% of his wealth by 1911.

Carnegie’s family migrated from Scotland to Allegheny, Pennsylvania in 1848. At 13 he worked as a bobbin boy in a textile factory.  He yearned to learn but had no money for books. In 1850 he was working as a messenger.  He learned that iron manufacturer Colonel James Anderson let working boys visit his personal 400 volume library on Saturdays. Of this Carnegie wrote” “…the windows were opened in the walls of my dungeon through which the light of knowledge streamed in…”  He called the library the source of his largely informal education and, no doubt, his eventual success.  He went on to build 2,509 libraries in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. He spent some $ 55 million, which, today would be about $ 1.3 billion.

It seems humorous that Carnegie and others (Think Ford, Getty, Hilton, Hoover, Kellogg, Lilly, Mellon **) seemed willing to donate much of their fortunes WITHOUT being coerced by a government law to make them do it.

A recent article by Arlene Weismantel, of Michigan State University, noted that current billionaire philanthropists like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet who donate many millions to various causes, as did Carnegie, have publicly professed their support for the estate tax. Yet the estate tax hardly is a burden for them.  The tax at death, on the other hand, can cause some less wealthy families to sell or liquidate family businesses in order to pay that tax.

The record seems to indicate that a whole lot of philanthropy took place without the coercive specter of some sort of tax by the government to generate funds for worthy causes. Carnegie’s loathing of inheritance was sufficient spur for him to be generous.  That feeling seems to have blessed society with several thousand free public libraries.  Why not leave it at that?  (And this assumes the Government would actually use revenue generated by such a tax for truly worthy causes)

We would like to know what you think.  Send us a comment.

*There are really 2 types of tax on wealth passed on: A. Estate tax Paid by the deceased person’s estate before money is distributed to heirs and B. Inheritance tax paid by the person inheriting the asset.  The former is levied by the Federal Government.


**Who donated vast sums before the tax rate of inheritance tax was as high as it is currently:

Tax Rates: 1910 about 10%, 1950-70 about 80%, 2010 about 35%

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Created to easily teach children to be able to read the WORD

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Francis Bacon answered that question long ago:


and he went on to state:


But you say but this is 2018.  Do we really need to read and write when we have all these modern voice actuated devices that listen to us and respond to our every whim or notion? Devices that even vacuum the floor for us!  With Alexa, Echo Dot, Google Home and Shark who needs to read anything?

Think for a moment where we were only a few years ago before we had “AI” and all the newfangled devices.  We could actually COMMUNICATE intelligently with each other…and we could sometimes even actually understand one another.

The way we are going now as a society, with Alexa, spell checking and other means of letting “digits” communicate for us we may eventually decline to the point where we may only be able to communicate with others by




Every copy of Alpha-Phonics A Primer for Beginning Readers has carried the quote of Francis Bacon on the bottom of the Title Page since the book was first published in the late 1970’s. Hundreds of thousands of times thanks to Samuel Blumenfeld!.


PS:  BACON also said (Among his many famous thoughts):

“Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not:

a sense of humor to console him for what he is”

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Alphachirpy Asks:


What is the only continent to encompass all four hemispheres?



ANSWER; Most Continents span only two hemispheres, but


is the only Continent to be found in all four.

That means both the equator and the prime meridian cross the Continent.

Mom, did your student get it right?

Being a good reader is a big help to always scoring at the top.

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Created to easily teach children to be able to read the WORD


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