look what you get in this book

an entirely new and effective way to deal with spelling problems
a lifetime speller, good forever, not just a year or two
an individualized program that solves your spelling problems
all the necessary information to become a good speller
a book based on a reliable, common sense principle
a series of sound letter patterns which unlock the keys to spelling

"Sound Spelling could easily be called Spelling for Dummies. I highly recommend it." Tammy Ryan, editor of The Homeschool at

"I highly recommend Sound Spelling, especially for older students who work independently. For younger students, I am confident that the program will be most effective with on-going reinforcement and support from parents." Joan Callaway, Program Director, Be Smart! Tutoring Program, Reading Support Monitor on VegSource Homeschooling Board

"We are happy to recommend it. This was a neat way to learn!" Orilla M. Crider, Director, MATCH, Missouri Association of Teaching Homes

"If you are used to old-fashioned spelling workbooks with lists of words and rules to memorize,...[this] will seem strange at first. But, if you are like so many people for whom the traditional method hasn't worked, setting aside the 'school model' of spelling lessons for a totally new concept that is custom-tailored to your specific needs, will be well worth the effort." D. Keith, Editor of Homefires: The Journal of Homeschooling at

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"Crafting powerful communication tools"

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Cover Design: Anthony Golia
ISBN# 1-886061-25-4

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